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The largest Chair in America was as soon as once more American-made. When settling on what material to get for customized minimize trendy boutiquemats, you need to dependably take your ground floor write and work area size and form into thought. I make a measured drawing, this is not artwork work. Thanks as soon as once more for the opportunity to offer you an update on the work of the Review Committee on the Functioning of the International Health Regulations (2005) during COVID-19. Like other communities, they’re observing COVID-19 clusters linked to school occasions. Swivel functions are only a minor importance. Listed below are Nancy’s patterns for the sink. Let’s get started on the sink first. If you get the 1 inch square to actually measure 1 inch you may have the appropriate measurement. Yet, not each chair is designed to fit every particular person, with many factors to consider when selecting a comfortable and supportive chair that’s right for you. Cut the mat board to fit. Cut a strip of mat board 5/8 inch extensive and at the very least 6 1/8 inches long.


Measure 1/8 inch away from the road for the entrance and sides. The chair is three inches tall, the seat is 1 1/2 inches from the floor and the foot rest is 1/2 inch from the floor. Measure 3/8 inch away from the line at the back of the sink. Glue the top onto the sink. After the glue has dried fully you may start sanding the edges with 220 grit sand paper to spherical and blend them in. I used a circle template to round my nook. Sorry I had it’s a must to see the identical footage again! I’m remaking 1 bar stool to take photos with the completed bar. Accept your distinctive self, love your unique self and name in those gifts and skills which is able to take you into the world in a brand new kind. Apply glue to the side of the mat board strip and glue the card inventory strip to it as you bend the mat board around the form. Cut the mat board strip to fit and reduce a strip of card inventory the identical width. My cabinet maker husband would have a match.


I’m utilizing basswood for the sink cabinet. It takes so lengthy to construct up the curved corners when the sink is made from wood. Place the mat board alongside facet of the form and make marks before and after the corners on the kind. Move the mat board strip around the type persevering with to make the marks. I traced the pattern onto this scrap of stacked foam core to use as a kind. Fold the mat board strip around the form and mark the place the ends meet. Using yellow wood glue, glue the card stock strip to the mat board strip. I have glued card inventory on top of the mat board. I have made some changes so it is not a precise copy. Copy the patterns that Nancy has so kindly made for us. The way to re-size the patterns are within the “Things to do, Things to see” list underneath How one can RE-Size THE PATTERNS. With numerous numerous things of contemporary lounge furniture to pick from and with some cautious making ready, you’ll be able to appreciate any effect you’d like.

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Glue your chair onto the leg assembly. You might by drilling holes in the center of the top of the leg assembly and the middle of the seat base. Insert a small piece of 1/eight inch dowel, glue it into the top of the leg assembly. Hold the again and fabric in your hand and reduce the “V”s around the top. He had neurological points-room-temperature water gave him “mind freeze.” Reaching for warm meals, he would jerk his hand again and cry, “Oh! That’s so hot!” his mother mentioned. Pull the back cowl over the sting of your table to put a curve in it. I am unable to await it to be over. The final piece is glued over the edge of the mat board and trimmed. I would additionally add a layer of mat board to the seat base to make it a bit of thicker. I have transferred it to the side of the seat base. Then your seat will turn. This might be changed for a turned wood rail at the cross-part. I used spray paint to paint my foot rail. Important: Glue the foot rail on while the legs are within the jig.


I used tacky glue to glue the foot rail on. Cut “V”s in the underside and glue them to the back of the cushion. I used to be making a second chair and that i wanted to make the front backside of the chair narrower. Glue the bottom finally ends up and glue the corners together. Apply tacky glue to the seat base at the sides. Hold the trendy boutique in your hand and drill a hole by way of the again and into the seat base. Suspended from a powder-coated iron frame, its mobility guarantees consumers one of the best seat within the home and is ideal for a comfy corner within the backyard or in the house. They will also put in the needed tools into your own home. They count as a comfort merchandise, which is likely one of the required components to be able to make a home appropriate for an NPC. You may see on the best photograph that one of the rails of the backrest has bended barely less.


The administration tries to offer the most effective utensils and devices that can enhance the productivity and profitability of the settings. One of many initiatives we’re working on this year is a brand new API, tentatively known as “Gateway”, that tries to convey more consistency and extensibility to those divergent APIs. The little chicks you saw earlier in the 12 months are laying eggs, now. I like to remind them that their rings function a sign that their lives are sure to the Catholic religion which is taught right here in all its fullness, and that St. Peter is the Rock upon which it rests, by the Divine Will of Jesus Christ. A few weeks ago he noticed my can of Febreze and stated that the top looked like a chair. With sturdy metallic handles, larger seating surface and weight-bearing capacity of up to 300 kg, this variant can accommodate heavy patients. Push the toothpick until it is flush with the surface of the again. Spread the glue over the whole surface with a chunk of scrap. Since we are pulling this fabric over curves the bias works better and leaves the cushion with out mild wrinkles. Make sure you verify if the toothpicks are flush.

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This could happen in the triangle OR in a double zigzag lower to the trend line. We will enable the lower trend line to be ‘re-anchored’ inside limits, if, and when we know that circle-c has ended. Rather, ‘at this level in time’ we might anticipate the Elliott Wave Oscillator to weave around the zero degree in a fourth wave, providing sufficient time for value one way or the other to contact and/or barely break the lower trend line boundary before resuming higher. We can see on the last In need of this chart, that value continued going in opposition to the commerce touching the upside band triggering the Buy Mode. One doesn’t need 100% confidence of trading throughout the bands because one is in search of signs of strength when worth exceeds a band, and one is looking for indicators of weakness when worth can’t quite hit a band as a value target. The Bollinger bands have been developed by John Bollinger, and are ‘volatility bands’ constructed around the 18 day (or 20 day) transferring common the place the higher band and decrease band are set at “two standard deviations from the shifting common”. We’re awaiting decision of the range. For now, the state of affairs is we are “range bound” between the May 2015 excessive and the August 2015 low.


You don’t get quite a bit for that in comparison with other companies which can be just barely more expensive and provide protection for greater than just one gadget. But, when the Fed recommended only two more rate hikes this yr as an alternative of three, the higher definition of wave iii, downward occurred. But, extra importantly than that, a triangle would signify that the final wave in a sequence is lifeless forward. If you have an interest in more dialogue of it, it’s posted beneath the chart. Expanded flats are considered one of the commonest varieties of flats. If wave 5 was ‘there’, then wave 5 would not equal wave 1, which is certainly one of the most common wave relationships. How then do traders use the ATR to trend commerce? Another main advantage of Laravel is a Blade template engine which is powerful and permits you to make use of plain PHP code in your views.


The uncertainty is inherent in fourth and fifth waves, and it is not perfectly clear yet which degree of fourth wave are we in. Now we have referred to as this case the “Fourth Wave Conundrum” in our YouTube Video, Critique of Elliott Wave for Trading. That’s how triangles work when they are in a fourth wave position. A lot greater readings are expected in the approaching months. In actual fact, it could be much shorter. The truth is, yesterday, my “opinion” of what the Fed would do resulted in a turn-round chance saying that it was attainable we had a truncated flat. Keep in mind there may be plenty of ‘volatility’ that can happen in the first half of the month, together with the payroll employment report this Friday, and the Fed assembly on Dec 16th. Perhaps in spite of everything that is out of the best way, the ‘smart money’ will feel more relaxed and begin a rally into 12 months finish, and into the first of the year.


This is for the extra daring fashionist as out there or just excellent for that sensual, sexy temper. At this point in time, there are different wave counts we have now to contemplate. On the flipside, issues are a lot worse at neighborhood colleges. It just would possibly match the bill, and for a lot much less cash. And we are actually at about only 146 candles, properly within the one hundred twenty – 160 which can be typical. C’mon now. I simply did not draw within the boutiques near me strains. The thicker frames also draw consideration and give a retro traditional look within the bargain. Most buying and selling guidelines rely on the thought of filtering the value collection to seize sure features (the other college of thought within the technical evaluation campus is that one ought to look for patterns, which I’m much less enthusiastic about). I want to be in search of opportunities in this identify as long as value is above the June lows. It makes use of no indicators, but the trend is decided by pure price action. Automation makes use of expertise to automate duties that once required people. Long sleeve tops: Long sleeves tops are at all times in fashion and is designed beautifully by the trained tailors of Africa portraying the tribal tradition and design on those tops.sh boutique,

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Besides blocking unauthorized access to sensitive files and detecting ransomware-like habits, Trend Micro keeps a safe backup of all protected files. The OLS trend in °C/Century for the said interval, is in the crimson-lined box. It has a floating legend, with buttons for altering coloration, asking for regression (OLS), or smoothing (12-month boxcar). Buttons to rotate months and datasets. There is a reserved group of photographs for which the swap buttons work. There can also be a swap facility so you may examine the images. I consider that TempLS with mesh weighting would additionally account correctly for Arctic trend, and this would be a good way to compare the two, and see the impact of full interpolation. It may very well be an Arctic impact. Hopefully, technology is advancing quick enough that the poorest international locations will end up going down a lower carbon path anyway as fossil gasoline applied sciences gradually part out. Very simple to use, enough to hold on a worth chart.


JCH talked about a difficulty of now getting recent knowledge for HADCRUT, for example. This submit follows on from a thought by commenter JCH. Should you drag in the main area, the plot follows. Here is the principle plot. So here it is below the fold. Here I want to point out outcomes about different indices. Near the origin, you get quick intervals in current time; the dimensions of mouse move offers higher resolution here. Move along the x-axis makes the beginning recede; alongside the diagonal, each recede keeping the interval brief. If you move the mouse in that region, you will see faint numbers at every finish of the x-axis. If you ask for regression, the same panel pops up with again color, and begin and end time text containers. The Regress button forces a recalc when you’ve manually edited the text bins for intervals. The Trendback button toggles between Trendback and timeseries modes (widespread anomaly base 1981-2010). Operation particulars are here. Each pop-up window has an exit button; the Legend button is the solution to carry it again (it toggles). Emphasised set is in thicker black, on the legend too. On the latest information web page, I maintain an active graph of six recent temperature indices, set to a typical anomaly base 1981-2010. But I actually maintain a file of about fifteen.


By default the interval will likely be set to the seen screen, which may embody months in the future (but trendy boutique might be calculated over precise knowledge). The keyword analysis characteristic helps to identify keywords which are rising in popularity and to keep away from keywords that are becoming much less common over time. So if it is trend following say equities (unfavorable skew), then half the time you’d anticipate to see detrimental skew of (when it’s lengthy), and half the time (when it is brief) you’d see optimistic skew. People wish to catalogue previous durations of zero or negative trend. That’s the “cooling the past”, but it surely isn’t much. What is the previous tense of trend? Max about 0.04°C/Cen. After about 1970, the unadjusted trend is greater. Trend traces will likely be proven. We are going to swap from oil earlier than we run out because oil would be the costly option, as effectively as the polluting one. Learning from earlier experiences, the investor will grasp the artwork of stock buying and selling. It’s like total buying and selling freedom for the consumer as there actually is nothing much to do after the trader have ready his charts for the day. Trend Following buying and selling advisors over time have programmed their concepts into mechanical programs that detail trade potentials (entry and exit) as well as place sizing.


And I have particular person discussion of interpolation knowledge vs grid data groups. The businesses that leveraged this data to better understand their clients and to improve their resolution-making are clearly the ones which might be outperforming everyone else. I tried dynamic plotting once previously with annual information – it’s the local weather plotter web page. When stable, I’ll embed it in the web page. The latest exhibits that infrared saunas have the power to sluggish the spread of widespread illnesses and ailments which can be transmitted by the air or by droplets. It hasn’t been a lot used, and I believe I may have tried to cram an excessive amount of into a small area. Think of the favored escape room games, throw in a mixture of stay-action theater, and chances are you’ll give you an viewers of members that should escape their own kidnapping using inventive and unique strategies they discover as they play with one another. Think Kenya’s M-PESA as the latest offering that displays the ‘uberizing’ of services.

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Men who recurrently engage in business journeys would appreciate it in the event that they received a custom-made leather briefcase. While no bowling is at the moment allowed attributable to state-imposed coronavirus restrictions, a bar linked to the enterprise was legally open. If the recipient is connoisseur of wine, a beautiful Diwali present idea can be a variety of bar accessories like ice bucket, cocktail shaker, bar software set, wine bottle rack, leather-based hip flask, wine glasses, surahi / pitchers and so on. For the homely ones go for tea – dinner units and trendy glassware. What do you suppose he would prefer to display on his bar – a few bar mats that his good friend stole from the local watering hole or a few bar mats emblazoned with the phrases “Dave’s Cave” or “Barry’s Bar”? It’s a display of affection between the giver and the recipient. First, they must consider the gender of the recipient. Even then, folks should consider the age differences amongst girls. Close to a man, the present consumers must choose the gifts in response to his passions or curiosity.


A perfect mix of fashion and fashion, these Mexican silver jewelry gifts playing cards are successful in luring anybody and everybody. Generally, jewelry has been the number one reward for a lady. There are plenty of designs obtainable in the market. There are many nice wedding ceremony ideas you could think of to make your reward extra special and significant. In case you are in search of some distinctive gift ideas his boutiques can present great inspiration. You’ll find a number of great selections for apparel for men, girls and youngsters and you may decide up something for yourself or for someone that you simply love. You can also get lots nicer gift for that person, now that you’ve more money stored aside. Yow will discover numerous stuff that will certainly match your funds. Christian girls clothes can be found online and so you may wish to do a fast Google search to see if you’ll find one that meets your finances and expectations for high quality.


There are additionally low-cost reward shops that you may go to; these outlets sell high quality gifts for a lesser value. You possibly can put on them and be capable to move on a message of hope to others on the planet. You probably have a youth or womens league in your Church group, it might also be enjoyable to get everyone on your crew a matching T-shirt and hat with a gospel message on it. New Year brings a number of cheer and happiness; it’s time to interrupt the monotony of our lives, get united and rejoice with our liked ones. The time needs to be changed we’re surviving within the digital world. If you’re looking for funny gifts to play a prank or two, then it is the high time you flick through our class to end up surrounded by a bounty of funny, irresistible present objects to fool the people around you. Digital world means the place you’ll find any info and companies just from your property and workplace.

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We’ve chosen just a few of our favorite outlets that offer a present card possibility beneath. Almost every retailer presents a reward card choice, particularly an e-reward card option. Most retailers allow you to choose when you want your e-reward card delivered, write a private message, and select from a variety of increments. Choose from increments ranging from $50 to $500. Choose from increments of $50- $500. Head to our dedicated Christmas page for extra festive content material. Getting the most effective Christmas presents requires you to think about pregnancy and, at the beginning, the very best Christmas presents. Looking to purchase a Christmas reward card for someone you will not be seeing in particular person this year? May we counsel the softest, all-pure Eucalyptus sheets or the super breathable Soft Hemp Linen sheets. A reward card permits them to choose the sheets that suits their preferences or to indulge in cozy loungewear. You can also make the job easier by choosing the proper journey system with the appropriate colour theme that fits your child.


The plants needs to be saved at a temperature at which they can respire and stay contemporary till you attain your new dwelling. From vogue to house decor, and even magnificence, Anthro is a go-to for the gifts with that curated really feel. Don’t forget, you may also make your gifts Even more MAGICAL by engraving your Magic Cream! Cabinet Garage Organizers – What can I say, these are the perennial classics of garage storage. They’re our greatest associates, a guiding mild, and also full time dads. It’s guaranteed to arrive – of their inbox or on their doorstep – just in time. On your favourite instructor, get the Biscuit Pocket Mug to take their evening tea time up a notch! We’re optimistic that we’ll get to travel once more quickly. Barnes & Noble. You get the idea. The moment prospects walk into the boutiques , they get a really feel of what we’re all about.


It would not get higher than luxurious silk loungewear that is also washable and straightforward to care for. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University conducted a examine to investigate whether or not recipients are getting the gifts they want, and their findings suggest that the answer is no. When given the choice of receiving a gift that has sentimental value-comparable to a photograph of a particular reminiscence-versus a more superficial reward-akin to a jersey from a favorite sports activities staff-givers opt for the superficial present extra typically that their recipients count on. Though many of the jewellery towards women, every lady has a different style and selection. This totals out to greater than 50,000 meals. Still, the approach comes at the expense of a once-broader Republican coalition that included more urban and suburban moderates and GOP-leaning independents who have rejected the Republican model under Trump. The very first thing that it’s a must to do is to set a finances. As part of the “Standing with Our First Responders” venture, Kroger store associates throughout the Southeast area stunned first responders, delivering specially packed gift bins to their local fire stations and native police precincts.


“On behalf of the Kroger Atlanta Division African American Associate Resource Group, we want to say ‘thank you’ for the significant contributions our first responders make to our communities day by day.” Felix Turner, supervisor of company affairs for Kroger’s Atlanta Division, said in the discharge. You can make fee by means of your debit card, bank card or in order for you direct cash payment on delivery time readily available to currier agent. The magic of an Amazon reward card is they can deal with themselves to one thing on their wishlist or inventory up on necessities. Gift in amounts from $25 up to $2,000. Each retailer packed and decorated the reward packing containers which contain $100 of meals provides every. These gift containers have been designed to fulfill the precise wants of hearth stations and police precincts. Fire stations acquired staples for meals, reminiscent of spaghetti and spaghetti sauce as well as potatoes, green beans soups, and even cake combine.

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Tech boutiques near me s, which have powered the broader market to fourth consecutive record closing highs, took a breather as traders booked profits on Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL) – which have surged to new records. You really should think of buying glowing blue-scratch stocks, which are known for their safety, excellent expansion, and robust equilibrium sheet. To get the most out of a stock market portfolio, make certain you have a detailed, written plan in place for what your specific strategies are. But be careful. This is a bull market. This is structural nature of market. The stock market will take some serious falls, but it will be bounce back. Plus the symbol AXTI has just recently got a strong buy from Zack’s, but Carson Investment Services LLC has been following this company since late summer of 2015 and mentioned about buying the stock when it was at around $2.00 a share for AXT Incorporated.


I have also accepted the following voluntary delisting/cash offers this month – China Dairy and OSIM International. Enjoy the freebie. You could have had this last month or way back. Shake Shack (SHAK) – Shake Shack (SHAK) failed near $39 Tuesday and is pulling back. Wall Street strategist targets are just about always wrong in their forecasts,” BIG writes in its 2021 outlook report. This report is designed to find the moments when the planetary angles correlate to human behaviour. Look at the Mars angles for January 2018. The total count is fairly even. Market investors can stay away from the market when the angles are bad, and let the volume drop. The stock market can be volatile and has inevitable ups and downs. The phrases going long and going short describe two of the types of strategies great penny stock traders observe and they are described here now. You can join us and learn the best Intraday trading strategies and techniques for gaining success.

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Its articles, interactive tools and other content are provided to you for free, as self-help tools and for informational purposes only. 2) It provided government insurance of those pension plans in the form of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. Ward says his team see Evolve as well placed to benefit from further government moves to support mothers in the workforce and notes the trend has similarities to the retirement sector several years ago. In the ten years I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve written about Xero around 10 times and interviewed Rod himself 7 years ago. I get the impression that Rod doesn’t particularly like self – aggrandisement he just likes to get down and do it but I think you’re on to a winner here and it’s just going to take the rest of the world some time to click onto the fact that Xero is a product they should try, try it – you’ll love Xero. I just think if he can get my brother Tony using their software, he can get anyone – given time. Multiple aliases are not permitted (behind every screen name is a member profile so you can get to know your fellow members – and many have become lifelong friends).


We can still enjoy them NOW! Everything seems to have changed to a more I want that now and if I can’t have it now I don’t want it. trendy boutique market is overheated already and getting even more overheated. He’s passionate and I think because i havent even seen the software, there’s a bloody good reason for this. I really havent changed much since 2002 when I bought the bulk of my portfolio. Coming mid-way through the earnings period with about 3 months till the new reporting season kicks off there are 3 stocks in the Share Investor Portfolio that are worth a perusal because reporting for them kicks off on the 20th of this month with Ryman Healthcare RYM , Mainfreight MFT on the 26 th and Fisher & Paykel FPH on the 27 th. They still have money in companies like FPH and MFT for the long term, regardless of short term fluctuations.

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American Intl Group, Inc. (AIG) – Shares of American Intl Group, Inc. failed in the $42’s on Friday. Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (CTIC) – Shares of Cell Therapeutics, Inc. crashed on Friday but saw a nice bounce on Monday. Even though the number of companies listed on NSE is lower than BSE, but the volume of trade in shares and the value of turnover on NSE is significantly higher than the BSE. So for me at this point of time (it may change), the best way to invest in share market is to choose some fundamentally good companies with good growth prospect, and hold them until it is time to sell. Its most recent earnings report in October included bright spots as well, such as a prediction for growth for key markets like China. When you practice pure fundamental analysis, sometimes you see the share price goes up & down like a roller coaster that makes you think that why not you use various technical analysis indicators to buy and sell? Well, this seems like a good idea but it may not be easy to get the timing right. Two-in-one should be better right? Anyway, better wait until after the Budget 2014 and private placement.


I didn’t have much interest in unique boutique market and my thinking at that time is: parking my money in unit trust or share market is better than fixed deposit. If the statement is true, he has either found an inept bank that will lend tens of billions to a money losing company with an undisciplined CEO, or a private equity investor who is willing to make the largest PE investment in history, while allowing Musk to continue running the company, with no checks and balances. The similar ups & downs occur throughout the year and this makes you think why not you sell high and buy low (swing trading) while riding on the uptrend of the stock? I wildly guess that more than 75% of the retail investors use the price movement to buy & sell shares for short term gain, that’s why technical analysis works, but only the more experienced one will win the most. Use it to capture upcoming dividend payments from your favorite companies!

Stock Market Analysis: 07/16/09

Any online investor / trader seeks an excellent off or online future trading career opportunity. Large trading volumes tend to appear in close proximity to strong price levels and pivot points. Reactions prior to and after important levels. 1. Historical trendy boutique Market Dataset – This dataset includes the historical daily prices and volume information for US stocks and ETFs trading on NASDAQ, NYSE, and NYSE MKT. It had been a decent year in term of returns for investors in the stock market. As the title mentions, this list focuses on scanners investors can use for free. Hopefully, 2018 will be a better year for all but I guess it will be a tough ask for most investors out there to replicate the performance in 2017. Nevertheless, with some rationalization of my portfolio this year to prune down some stocks and adding onto my more confident positions, I hope to enter 2018 with a more robust portfolio to tackle the volatile markets. The rationalization to prune down stocks is still work in progress and will continue well into 2018 and beyond. The process to prune down the number of stocks in my portfolio will continue as well.


But in a flat to rising market, I think it all boils down to one thing, “price”. I think I will pick stocks this year and give readers a chance to fill in the blanks yourselves. In term of readings, I have quite a bit of catch up work to do after skipping some of them during the course of the year. I have bought the following companies from the market this month – Bund Center, ComfortDelgro, Delfi, Far East Orchard, Global Testing, Hotel Properties, Hwa Hong, Jardine C&C, LTC Corp, Raffles Medical, Sabana REIT, Sinarmas Land, Singapore Reinsurance, Singapore Shipping, Singapura Finance, Stamford Land, Straits Trading, Teckwah, Thakral, TIH and UIC. I have bought the following companies from the market this month – Bonvests, Boustead Projects, Bund Center, F&N, GL, Global Investments, Hongkong Land, Hotel Properties, Jardine C&C, Lum Chang, Mandarin Oriental, Metro, OUE, Sembcorp Industries, SIA Engineering, Sing Investment & Finance, Tan Chong International, UOB Kay Hian, Wheelock, Yeo Hiap Seng and Yoma.


I have bought the following companies from the market this month – AP Oil, Bund Center, ComfortDelgro, Delfi, Global Testing, GRP, Ho Bee Land, Hotung, HRnetGroup, Hwa Hong, Low Keng Huat, Lum Chang, Mandarin Oriental, MegaChem, Metro, Raffles Medical, Sinarmas Land, Singapore Reinsurance, Singapore Shipping, ST Engineering, Stamford Land, Teckwah, TIH, UIC, UOB Kay Hian and Yeo Hiap Seng. Small Cap Bull 3x (TNA) – TNA continues to trade in the low $60’s. This means in terms of diversification, the returns, and low fees and costs. This is listed in the 100,000s, so 256 means 256,000 shares were bought and sold on the last day that the market was open. Certainly not because a Merrill Lynch has downgraded the whole sector – thats a blessing in disguise – a temporary lower stock price just means a higher dividend yield, allowing my dividend to purchasing more shares. With markets expected to continue to be volatile going forward, I will be investing more prudently while mindful on its downside risk. Going forward, I will be holding lesser stocks but with heavier allocation in my top holdings. Otherwise, with the exception of STI component stocks in the list, other stocks held up quite well despite the selloff.